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Dance of the Divine

Dance of  the Divine

The “Dance of the Divine” exhibit portrays a conversation with the divine, an intimate interaction with the divine and nature along with the providence of motherhood. The conception of the word “Divine” is largely determined by its conviction that the object of its devotion is supreme. In literature and common belief, it regards these supreme beings as authoritative, spiritual and having the metaphysical assumptions of good valuations which are widely shared. Tapping into the spiritual realm by the very act is sacred.  There is much good in this world, so much that human life in itself is divine. Everything is a natural act of the divine and the very conception of creation itself is sanctified. The divine has provided the sacred place that we dwell, the universe, the planets and all heavily bodies. All things created and provided for come from the realm of the divine.

The rhythmic dance of the divine engages the flow of nature, where movement gracefully occurs in a free flowing boundless song, a music played by the grand creator, seeping into all things earthly. Mother Nature is gracefully flowing around like a dance celebrated by all creatures. The sanctity of nature is graceful; it is a creation of the divine, starting from birth, experiencing life and finally death. Everything has sprung from the grand cauldron of the universe. Every little thing grows, lives, experiences and dies. Such is the natural cycle of life. A bud springs from pollination, blooms into a beautiful flower, lives through the change of seasons, undergoes harsh climatic weather and then eventually withers away and dies. However, the sun still rises again and all things living awaken. Veenita Chendvankar captures the on-going dance, the flow of life’s on-going music and the divine’s alluring dance of life.

The divine dance of life is captured by the artist through the beauty of motherhood. Among all creatures, the mother cares, provides and natures her infant to maturity. The artist illustrates the nature of the divine as a nurturing mother.  The beauty of life giving is celebrated: the mother, the life giver, the provider and the protector. From the moment of birth, the mother bird watches over the nest, hunts for its feed and ensure its infant grows to its full life cycle, until the baby bird develops its wings and then learns to fly on its’ own.

In the series of paintings, the artist has revealed her idea of the “Divine” as Mother Nature conscientiously taking shape in the form of a woman. She has represented women as strong beings having many hands, symbolic of a woman juggling many priorities and this strength is celebrated throughout the exhibit. The sacred feminine decorative, experimental forms have dominated the exhibit with its’ divine grace in a calming sense of splendour and beauty allowing the viewer to  celebrate with these beings evoking a special cocktail of feelings such as, spirituality, relaxation, power, affection, tenderness, warmth, care and love.